Tuesday, 28 July 2015

This is what I think

My advertisement is promoting breakfast.
I know my target audience for this product is kids because it has cartoon pictures of The Lorax.
Some of the visual features used in this advertisement include colours and a delicious looking breakfast.
I think this advertisement is good because I know what it is talking about.



  1. Jerome and Eli29 July 2015 at 09:44

    I loved how you picked The Lorax's Breakfast. Also that food looked delicious.

    1. oh really oh really X100
      oh great your right you two boys are making me hungry that i can just eat the poster but eww never in my life e

      P.S. maybe

  2. I think that they choose to make a business of pancakes because in the movie they eat pancakes

  3. WOW all of the food looks scrumcios

  4. WOW cuz you are just making so hungry because everyday when in get up for school i NEVER EVER EVER!!!! eaten breakfast and this is a true story go even ask beauty to prove that i am right..