Tuesday, 21 July 2015

It's the Winter Holidays Again

In the holidays I went to a camp called KINGS KIDS. It started on the Monday the 6th to Thursday the 16th. It was a 2 week camp. We learnt 5 songs and did  one drama which we performed.
I enjoyed the camp because we did this thing called an Out Reach. We went out to Queen Street, two times and then we went to Mangre Town Center to perform out drama. Then we went to a church called Worship Center.
I didn’t enjoy the part where we had to do the drama in front of strangers. I hardly got to see my family because only I went to Kings Kids.
Next holidays I would like to spend time with my family, and go somewhere everyday.
There will be another Kings Kids next year.


In the holidays I went to a school holiday program it was at Pact. At Pact I went to the movies. At the movies I watched Inside Out it was an emotions movie. I also went roller skating at Skate Land in was really fun. Later that week I went to Paraki Spring Pools. The last week of the holidays I went up north with my brothers it was so boring.
I enjoined Pact because we went on trips everyday and there were a lot of fun games to play like video games, Pool, Ping Pong and green machines.
I didn’t enjoy going up north because it was boring and there was nothing to doL.
Next holidays I would like to go to Pact because we went on a lot of trips I never got bored and also there where a lot of games there I could play withJ.
By Jenny-Leigh

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  1. You had lots of fun there. I also had fun in my school holidays and I got to see my cousin and we played together.