Monday, 19 October 2015

Kids should only bring water to school

In my opinion I agree with this statement because maybe the water fountain at school will run out of water. .Also maybe one of the kids at school might be sick and he or she might cough on the water fountain then another kid comes and drinks. The kid who drinks gets sick because of the coughing person who put germs on the water fountain. So that's why I agree with this statement.

The Movies

One Thursday I went out to the movies and watched Pixels. It was amazing because before the movie started we played the games that were there. The movies we went to were in Manukau and I saw Mrs Isutino there. When I saw her I was really nervous because I was sure she saw me. My dad thought of going to the movies so I asked my mum if she wanted to go. She was like, "okay". So we went to the movies and after that it was so cool because the Pixels come to life!

Soccer Trip To Taupo

On the 9th October the division 1, 9th grade soccer team went to Taupo and then we went to stay in a motel. After, we went to eat pizza and then slept. The next day we went to play our game and won 3, lost 2. We came back and played around and then ate BBQ for dinner. Then the next day we won 2 games and lost 1 game. We left Taupo and came back to Auckland. We came third.

The mall

On Sunday 12th October 2015 we went to the Botany Mall with my whole family. The first shop I went to was Pumpkin Patch. I bought a white cardigan with (fake) diamonds as buttons.The next item I bought was my swimming togs. The shorts design has paint all over it. It is so cool. The shirt has flowers on it. Then me and my Dad had fish and chips. My brother had a hot dog and my Mum got a burger. After that I bought sandals, they had leopard spots on them. So after that we went home.

Aunties house

One day, at home, just hanging out, my mum asked if I wanted to go to Aunties house. We went through Alexandra Cres. I felt so happy that I was going to my Aunties because I hadn't seen her for about 3 weeks and my uncle, Aunty and my 2 little cousins lived with each other. I stayed over there from Sunday to Saturday. We also played video games and played outside.

Water Park

On Friday the 9th of October I went to the Water Park with my cousin Genesis, my Nana, and my brothers Henry and AJ. We went to the Water Park in Otahuhu and bought frozen coke because it was really hot. Me and my cousin went to look for the best place to play on. Once we saw the trampoline we went and played on it. That whole afternoon we went around playing in the park. We came back when the sun went down. I felt hot because we were running around the park. We had fun playing tag and camping (pretend). When we were going back home we got bored and started to hide but my Nana found us. I felt like taking the Water Park home. This was one of my favourite places that I went to in the holidays.


In my fabulous holidays I went to the tramp park down by the baby factory. I also went to the movies. I went for my birthday because I'm 10 years old now. For my presents I got a pair of Star Wars pj's and I also got a book. The book is called Easy Made Origami. After all that I went home and had a big rest for school.

Sleepover at Aunty's House

In the holidays me and my brother had a sleepover at my aunt's house. It was a lot of fun because me and my brother played games. Another thing I really liked about the holidays was that we didn't have to go to school. One thing I didn't like was the bed because it wasn't comfy. When we went to bed my brother woke up in the middle of the night and woke me up too. Then I couldn't sleep. In the morning all of us woke up at 8:00 am. Then my aunt gave us a chocolate bar because it was time to go back home. So we went home and my brother went straight to the computer.

Kelly Tarltons

I my two weeks holiday I went to Kelly Tarltons. I went with my cousin's family and with my other family that came from Fiji. I went on Saturday 10th October in the afternoon. What I really enjoyed was the shark room. In the shark room you have to stand on the floor and it moves itself. I felt excited but at the same time bored. I thought there would be big sharks but they were small!

My Holidays

In the holidays, on Wednesday it was my little brothers birthday. He went to the shop with my sister and got a drink.We went to the bakery shop to buy a mud cake and muffins. We all went to the mall. Then we went to a toy shop to buy a big truck for my little brother. After all that we went home.

My Holiday Experience

In the holidays I went to Butterfly Creek with my brother and daddy. I felt extremely happy and very excited too. It happened on Saturday 6th October. We looked everywhere. We looked at the insects, we saw rabbits, rats, goats, sheep and pigs. We also rode on the train. After all those things we did, we decided to do Rocket Lines but it was closed. We went to golf near Butterfly Creek instead.

Friday, 16 October 2015

My holiday experience

In my holiday I went to hamilton and had fun on the mountain bike. It was so cool I enjoyed it. .I went again and again. It was so cool I was so excited and I was so happy. But on  the first turn I was skeard but I wasnt skeard when I went bake on.

Allenby Park

On Thursday 8 October I went to Allenby Park with my mum ,nana, sisters friend ,my two sisters, 2 cousins and me. My mum and nana brought yummy and delicious food. There were some boys who killed a bird and they were throwing the black bird around the park. I was frightened and scared because they  threw the dead bird by me . The bird stuns really  bad.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My School Recount

On Sunday evening me, my sisters and my dad we went to Omana park. We went to Omana park in our small car. Me and my sister played badminton, my dad played soccer with his friends. When we were playing it started raining. There was a family standing in the shade and looking at us. My sister asked them " Do you want to play with us ". They said "No". Then my sister said "We have one racket left". Then the small one came and played with us and his dad went to play with my dad. I felt so happy to make new friends and share. I think we should all share and care.

My wet holiday by Shaheel

Yesterday it was regular day like any other I was at home but then suddenly my dad told me and my brother  to clean his working van , his car and his other car. I felt quite excited at that moment but my brother felt grumpy. So we continued on the on the way outside and we got the hose , the brush and some water and started to wash the car. We brushed and swipped left to right forward backwards. We were tried but we didn't need to worry there was only one car to wash. I gave up. It was cold and wet so I went inside and took a bath and that's how wet my day was.