Monday, 20 July 2015

Winter School Holidays

In the holidays I celebrated Eid. We went to people's houses and there were lots of sweets and food. Me and my family did a lot of shopping.
I enjoyed celebrating Eid because I went to my friend’s house and we played Fifa. I didn't enjoy shopping because I did not get the clothes I wanted.
Next holidays I would like to go to Rain Bows End because it has fun rides.

By Avish

In the holidays I had a sleepover with my cousin for 4 days. Then I had a sleepover with my friend Ashley for 1 day. I enjoyed the sleepover because we played hide and seek with Ashley and I was teaching her to play Mine Craft. I didn't enjoy it when I jammed my ļ¬ngers in the door 3 times because it hurt so badly.
Next holidays I would like to go to Sky Tower because I have only been there once and it's been like forever.
By Hayley

In the holidays I went to the movies to watch Jurassic Park. It was scary but cool too. I also went there with my older sis and little sis. It was loads of fun.
I enjoyed going to roller skating with my friends at my holiday program because we got free food. In addition I also played with my little sister and we were playing with our water guns.
I didn't enjoy being sick over the holidays because my little sister had it and she gave it to me. Then I gave it to my older sister. It was a real pain but I still got some free chocolate.
Next holidays I would like to go Rainbows End because I have been good. Maybe a trip to Samoa as well because the beaches are so beautiful.
By Kahlan

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