Tuesday, 22 August 2017

How do bees make honey?

This term we have been learning about explanation writing.
An explanation tells us how or why something happens.

It was really interesting finding out about how bees make honey!

Bees go from flower to flower to get the honey.- Tyrah
I learnt that the bees have two stomachs, one
 is for filling with honey. -Katea

I liked how the bees chew the nectar to make honey.- Shylizae

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Primary colours to Secondary colours

We discovered what happens when we mix the primary colours, red, blue and yellow together to make secondary colours.

When we mixed red and yellow we made orange.


When we mixed yellow and blue we made green.

When we mixed blue and red we made purple.

It was interesting to see how the colours changed as we mixed the paint.

Balloon Experiment

This term, Term 3, we are looking at what changes happen when we mix, cool or heat materials. Miss Curtain has found some fun experiments for us to do.

When we put baking soda and vinegar into a bottle we were able to blow up a balloon! It was so cool watching the mixture foam in the bottle as the gases made the balloon get bigger and bigger.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Our Hundred Days of School

On the last Friday of Term 2, we celebrated 100 days of working at school. We went to different classrooms and different teachers to do an activity related to 100.
We made crowns, our own $100 note, wrote about what we would do if we had $100 to spend, made a bookmark and hundred day certificate. We also had to do ten different exercises ten times which was 100 exercises!
It was a great way to finish the term and celebrate 100 days of hard work at school.