Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Holidays in Winter

In the holidays I had a sleep over at my aunt’s house. When it was night time we had pizza for dinner for dinner. When we were in bed we ate a little bit of ice cream. In the morning I was drawing pictures of different things.
I enjoyed eating pizza for dinner because then I also enjoyed sleeping in the bed because it was more comfy than mine.
I didn’t enjoy eating ice cream because that is a little bit unhealthy. Eating two unhealthy things is bad for you and can make you sick.
Next holidays I would like to go to a trip to a place with animals in it. Because I love wildlife and they are living things.
By Sawanpreet

In the holidays I woke up at night and stole some food to eat because I was hungry. I went to my room and ate it all up then went back to sleep. After that I had breakfast and then I dressed up for church. It was fun meeting new people that I do not know. I also went to the shops and I went to Burger King. The food was delicious.  
I enjoyed going to church because I met new people and I had new friends there. I felt happy going church and I was really proud of myself. But when I got home I got really bored I decided to read my book. I also liked going to the shops and going to Burger King.
I didn’t enjoy it at home because I didn’t like staying at home and it was really boring.
Next holidays I would like to go to the movies because there are fun movies to watch.       
By Vika

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